Airstream Food Trucks Ice Cream Food Trailers


Airstream Food Trailers

Material: Stainless steel ,FRP(inside),Galvanized Steel  

Frame:Galvanized Steel                                                  

Chassis:Galvanized Steel                                               

Floor:Non-Slip Aluminum Plate


Size and Weight:580x210x260cm(LxWxH)             

 This food trailer is customized, and the price is only a customized start price, excluding equipment, accessories, etc. in the picture. This price includes standard configuration, please refer to the following pictures and forms. Please contact us to get the latest quotation form.

-Delivery time: 6 ~ 8 weeks, the specific delivery time depends on the difficulty of the production of food trailers.

-Transport time: This food trailer is from Shanghai port in China, to ports in different countries. The transportation time to European countries is about 5-6 weeks, to Asia, Australia is about 3-4 weeks

-Payment: T/T, transfer to our company's US dollar account through banks. Pay a deposit of 50%, and pay 50%of the payment after the order is completed.

-Warranty: 5 years (any problems that occur within 5 years can provide free accessories).

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