What Happened To The Mobile Food Trailer Which Used To Survive By "fighting Guerrillas"?

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Update time : 2016-12-06 11:25:00
Snacks are a portrayal of the food culture of a city, and it is almost impossible for citizens living in this city to escape the influence of snacks.
Those mobile food trucks that shuttle through the streets have become the target of many food lovers.
Nowadays, with the acceleration of urbanization and the improvement of the public's visual aesthetics, consumers also have higher requirements for mobile dining trucks, such as beauty and hygiene.

Even though the mobile catering trailer has been greatly improved, most people's perception of the mobile food trailer still remains in the impression of illegal assembly and urban management chasing. In fact, with the advancement of science and technology, many mobile food truck manufacturers like HUANMAI have optimized and improved the traditional food trailer From the body structure to customized equipment, and the food truck listing operation, they have gradually developed products that are in line with different national conditions around the world and have characteristics
Today, HUANMAI's customized mobile food trucks have been recognized and put into operation by many catering brands.

HUANMAI Food Trailer
Urbanization is accelerating, and everything is changing with each passing day. As a mirror of the city’s food culture, the appearance of the mobile catering trailer is naturally not out of date. Under the cooperation between HUANMAI and catering brands, mobile food trucks not only realize diversified meal-making functions, but also expand to mobile sales of food, beverages, catering, grain and oil, daily necessities, etc., such as ice cream trucks, fast food trucks, etc.; the sales categories are also more diversified For example, milkshakes, beverages, ice porridge, fruit bubbles, coffee, juice, milk tea, ice products, teppanyaki, barbecue skewers and more than a dozen products. All food trucks equipment in HUANMAI is customized, which means to avoid the assembling phenomenon of commercial equipment ready-to-use. Instead, all equipment is re-"molded and customized" and loaded in the compartment through reasonable proportions and tightly stitched seams. These mobile food trucks, mobile vending trucks, and mobile vending trucks developed and designed by HUANMAI have passed the National Environmental Protection Announcement. The vehicle category is a special catering vehicle that can be listed for operation and is a regular and legal motor vehicle.

HUANMAI mobile catering trailer
Compared with the public’s “awe” in the mobile catering market in the past, now, with the global promotion of the stall economy, many catering giants have focused on this market cake and launched various types of mobile food trucks. The advent of the HUANMAI mobile food trailers has solved the problem of the sales area and listing operation of the mobile food trucks, allowing the sales reach of catering brands to extend to a wider area. After dine-in and take-out, marketing channels can also be increased to provide corporate group meals and Large-scale event dining. At the same time, increase brand extension in mobile operations, forming a free advertising effect.

Nowadays, in many countries and other international cities, from unpowered dining trucks parked in scenic spots and pedestrian streets, to smart mobile food trucks shuttled on urban roads, the mobile catering market can be seen everywhere. While enriching the citizens’ diet and life, it is also in the outside world. Shows the level of development of the city.
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