Getting Started With A Food Truck Trailer: A Good Solution?

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Update time : 2017-08-07 18:31:00
Locations, concept, financing, everything is ready to open your Food Truck? An essential step awaits you now: the purchase of your work tool! The Food Truck trailer may appear to be an interesting solution, less expensive than the Food Truck.

Here we detail the advantages and disadvantages of the Food Truck trailer.

The advantages of the Food Truck Trailer:
A cheaper price: a considerable advantage since the difference is often significant! A trailer is between 10,000 and 20,000 € cheaper than a truck. An economy that will positively impact the Business Plan of your Food Truck.

Lasting value: Without an engine, your trailer will lose value much less quickly than a truck! The risks are thus minimized by launching you, the resale is possible and even frequent!

Greater flexibility: The trailer has fewer operating constraints! No breakdown, no maintenance appointment, etc: you never risk having your work tool immobilized.

The disadvantages of the Food Truck trailer:
More restrictive movements: reduced speed, more difficult maneuvers, etc. Traveling with a Food Truck trailer is not always easy!

Longer Installation: If you only need to turn off the engine and open your shutter to start working with a Food Truck, the installation is more complex with a trailer. You will need to unhitch and secure the stabilization cylinders before starting your service.

Food Truck or truck trailer: the best choice according to your situation

Motorized Truck or Food Truck Trailer, there is no fundamentally better choice. The price difference should be considered with regard to your use.

The frequency of your trips: If you change location every day: the trailer will then be quite penalizing in your daily trips and maneuvers compared to a truck. Your decision must therefore take into account the locations of your Food Truck.

Whether or not you own a towing vehicle: If you already have the vehicle to tow the trailer, the price difference with a truck will be very significant. If you have to add the price of the trailer with the purchase of a vehicle to tow it, the final difference will necessarily be less.

So Food Truck or Trailer? You will understand, the right solution depends on your activity and your budget. If you wish to establish a more detailed estimate, you can request a Food Truck trailer quote on our site.
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