How to customize food trailers food trucks

How to customize food trailers food trucks? 
All food trailers food trucks can be customized. 

Step1 select the product model, size, external color. 
Step2 Internal customization

1. Internal production can be customized according to your needs.
2. No need to customize just need standard configuration (counter + sink) you contact us to make quotations and contracts. 

Step3 Select optional equipment
Some of the gas and refrigeration equipment shown on our website can be purchased from our company for free installation if you need it. If you need to buy your own equipment, please let us know in advance that we can design enough space for you. 
you can ask quotation list from us

Step4 We will make 3D drawings for you to confirm and our company will make you a contract after confirming the drawings.
Step5 upon receipt of the contract, please arrange a deposit for your order to be produced

Below Some Designs for other buyers

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